Talk@University of Gothenburg: Melodic patterns in speech communication: Interactions and heterogeneity

The melodic patterns of a Stockholm Swedish speaker contribute to the successful or unsuccessful interaction of the speaker with other speakers. They also function as a sociophonetic fingertip, which shows how the speaker relates with the specific speech community. In this talk, I will present two experimental studies that shed light on the interaction between prosodic and segmental structure. The first study provides empirical evidence that attempt to clarify the domain of final lengthening and the second study, by exploring the timing of the L*+H prenuclear pitch accent, examines the predictions of three hypotheses about tonal alignment: the invariance hypothesis, the segmental anchoring hypothesis, and the segmental anchorage hypothesis. The findings of the study cast doubt on the invariance hypothesis and the segmental anchoring hypothesis, as well as indicating the need for a modified version of the segmental anchorage hypothesis. The implications of these findings for a computational model of prosody are also discussed.

When: 1 March, 2016, 13.15-14.15

Research seminars

This is a venue for linguists in Gothenburg to share their research and methodological expertise with each other. For example, this would be an excellent place to do a practice talk for a conference, a technical presentation (e.g. on how to use some piece of software), or a presentation on work in progress.

To schedule a slot or for other information please contact Liz Coppock.


Upcoming research seminars

The research seminars alternate fortnightly with seminars. Research meetings are on odd weeks (and seminars on even weeks). Both events take place in the seminar room on the ground floor of Dicksonsgatan 4.


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