1. PhoneticsIPA

PhoneticsIPA is a windows Text Editor that allows the user to type text in standard Greek orthography and convert it to IPA. It has added functionality for working with text corpora, creating dictionaries & reverse dictionaries, getting word frequencies etc. More specifically, PhoneticsIPA is a text-to-phones algorithm and environment for phonological analysis and transcription that allows the user to convert text to IPA (Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek). The Cypriot Greek output of the PhoneticsIPA is shown in the column entitled Προφορά of the Cypriot Greek Dictionary (see below for more information about the webpage).


Themistocleous Charalambos (2011b). Computational Greek Phonology: IPAGreek. The 10th International Conference of Greek Linguistics. Komotini, Greece.

2. POS Taggers

Taggers allow the automatic labelling of corpora with Part of Speech labels.:

  • Ancient Greek Tagger for tagging (adding POS labels) on Ancient Greek Texts and creating Ancient Greek corpora.
  • Modern Greek Tagger for tagging SMG texts.
  • English Tagger that includes a morphological dictionary and a disambiguation algorithm for discriminating nouns and verbs.

3. Lexicography Software

These include Graphical User Interphases (GUIs) for creating and viewing electronic dictionary, reverse algorithms for creating reverse dictionaries. A dictionary environment currently it includes a dictionary I created with Ancient Greek irregular verbs. The taggers and the Lexicography software are currently not freely available from the website.

4.  A Quick Look Plugin for viewing Praat script files and TextGrids in OS X 

The Praat Quick Look Plugin allows you to view Praat files such as Praat Script Files and TextGrids. 

i. Download the Quick Look Plugin (it is a zip file so unzip it first).
ii. Copy it to /Library/QuickLook/
iii. Open Terminal and run the command qlmanage -r

If you want to copy text from quick look you may run in Terminal the command:
defaults write QLEnableTextSelection -bool true; killall Finder

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 15.02.35


IPA Keyboard Layout allows you to type IPA symbols fast and easy. You can download it from here (click here for help).

Keyboard for paleographersThis keyboard software includes special symbols used in paleography (Windows systems). You can download this from here or by e-mailing me.

Greek Keyboard (for Greek Dialects) (including Polytonic Greek) There are two dialectal keyboards (a) Monotonic and (b) Polytonic (Windows systems). You can download these from here else you can e-mail me.


Cypriot Greek DictionaryThe online dictionary environment has been developed as part of the ‘Syntychies’ research program. ‘Syntychies’ online environment is a pioneering web-service for Greek dialectal lexicography and it is the first of its kind for Cypriot Greek.  The website is written in C#.

7. Praat Scripts

I have several scripts for opening, saving multiple files, renaming files, tagging etc. If interested do not hesitate to contact me. See also my Praat Manual (in Greek).


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